Thursday, May 29, 2008

Back Home

Yipee and sound..
the sculpture looked and sold great...
here's how it looked...and today I got
my new smart car and I'm
in Metroland...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Stay Up Late

Thing One and Thing Two

I'm off to ride my bike.

Here is one of my favorite

kid's books..


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

View from My Desk

Here is two days work..
shew...I'm tired...

How Am I Dr. Ving?

I remember driving to a show..
and seeing the usual sticker
on the back of a truck..
how's my driving?
...except some letters were rubbed
off and it read--
" how am i dr. ving?"
I couldn't stop laughing for miles...

Lose the Splatter

Here is a Pollock

Painting I like alot...

And a Maira Kallman

Store Window I love..


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Heart meringue

Gloria Aorta

Here you can see the heart mold...cast in
resin from Rod's sculpture and mold..
Then you can see the finished painted heart..
it's ready for the gloss coat now..
and favorite part..

Wet cookies in Milk


Lost in Candyland

Dace this Mess Around

Today I'm painting heart sculptures.
I found some good pics of my favorite things..
and some new goodies..

Monday, May 19, 2008

Lovely Frida

Bannerman Castle

Here are some things I love..
I am fascinated with this
Bannerman Castle
place in upstate NY...
I think they are actually restoring it...amazing place..
I went to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit..
It was amazing to be near her paintings..
this was the first time I got to see
them im person....amazing experience..
very moving for me...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Story of the Yellow Dress

Here is a store window I did..I just found the picture in my studio...
I remember getting lost
in a clothing rack of dresses at Two Guys when I was a kid..
that inspired me to make this installation....
I made a film that played on a loop and the dress slowly spinned...
Over the top of the dress was a painted heart I made in dedication to my was inspired by a line from a Jane Siberry song.. about
a yellow dress...My paintings were shown at the bottom of the window...
I was interviewed by NPR that day.. I'm returning to the heart now..
and casting and painting them....

Here is my first Stuart Weitzman Window in Boston..
All of the shoe sculptures sold...

And my latest picture book called
"Lemon Sidewalk"...I saw a cake bearing that name at a chinese buffet...
I knew one day I would use it for a title....

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Daily Candy

Here are some of my favorite things..
Totes I designed for a QVC project...
"Dots" handbag all made of leather..
we even cast the handles out of resin
with word beads inside...
and Michee my friend on bike with alter ego lemon head

Sculpture Past

Good Day All,

Yard work done, pastries made and time for more favorite cup of tea.

Here are some sculptures from the past...last years crop of gorgeous sculpted, cast and hand painted bustiers and shoes..
see all sculpture:
under the sculpture gallery


Friday, May 16, 2008

View inside my Studio

I collect old typewriters...hearts and
create '"Icons" that open and close..
here you can see some hinged paintings
and small Icon paintings I made a few
years ago...

Cookie Puss my friend

My latest and greatest jewel of a friend is
Cole Godfrey...aka "cookiepuss" she shows up in alot of my paintings..
she is an awesome woman and you can see her
jewelery on her site...

My Sketchbook

Here are some scenes from my sketchbook...
I am always sketching and planning my new products..
here is a peek inside..


My assistant Michee

My assistant Michee is great..
I painted her on our vespa...
she also paints cats, girls and shoes..
Her business is called--
"flashback kitty" here is her great blog..
it's hilarious---

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Smart Cars

Finally the Smart Car is here!
We have one and our production Guy has one!
We love small cars..this is made by Mercedes and gets 50mpg!

1953 Citroen

This is one of my favorite cars...1953 French Citroen.."Traction Avant"
we wanted one for years...she is rough but beautiful...
We found her in Georgia..she was a wedding car!

Decorating the House

I have been flea marketing again for goodies...

Here are some great finds...

Luna Parc Ring

Ricky Boscarino of Luna Parc made me this custom ring... it was a gift from Rod...its gorgeous...
Luna Parc is amazing and Ricky is another incredible artist...
please take a tour of this site and visit him in person!

Boot Painted

Here you can see my first boot sculpture
all it gets the gloss coat.
I love the way it came out...

Boot Vases

Here you can see Rod's latest sculpture...
The boot vase is ready for paint...I LOVE painting
on sculpture and seeing it come alive with color!

Simon Trudeau

Simon Trudeau is an amazing artist and dear friend..
here he is getting a much deserved Niche Award for design...yay!
I carry his bags all the time...hopefully his site will

Great personal favorite..and Simon is a super nice person!

Painted Sculpture

I have been working on new shoe and boot are some
hand painted we are working on boots that are also vases..
really neat!

Todays Art

I'm off to the flea market..again..for more weird finds.

Pics also coming soon of our new sculpture, new paintings and more..


Wendy Costa